We want native Chrome Tab Muting!

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Update 2/25/2013: That was quick!  According to The Next Web, early signs in the next build of Chrome looks like they, coincidently or not, decided to implement this awesome feature.

Here's the problem.  You have thirty tabs going and suddenly one of them starts playing sound.  Right now, you have to flip through all of the tabs and try to find the offending tab, with no idea which one it is.  Sometimes it's impossible, so you end up closing random tabs until you pick the right one.  This is an awful user experience.  Sure, there's an extension out there called Mute-Tab that does the job, but because it doesn't have access to the audio stream information at the browser level, it can only try and audio and flash objects and try to make it work.  What you'll see below is the cure.  We just need your help to spread the word to Google Chrome developers.  It seems like an easy fix.  Let us know what you think!

Chrome mute tab.

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