Sony Jabs Microsoft's XBOX One Sharing Model

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Last week Microsoft unveiled its new XBox One next generation game platform.  The release news were shrouded in controversy, largely because of Microsoft's intention to have the console "call home" to Microsoft once a day.  Another of Microsoft's planned changes to XBox is the way customers will be able to share and resell games.  Microsoft has said that it will be possible to share games registered to an XBox live account with up to ten people, even if they are playing on a different XBox.  This opens gamers up to all kinds of interesting options, but also limits the ways they can share a game with friends of theirs who they are not connected to via XBox Live.  This sharing may also be limited by the company that created the game.  In short, the options are very cool for some users, while leaving others with a sense that they no longer really own their game, but can only use them if and when Microsoft wants them to, and only if they subscribe to XBox Live.  

A few weeks before Microsoft released news about their console, Sony released information about their upcoming console called the PS4.  At E3, they responded to Microsoft's new sharing model with this hilarious video.  Take a look and let us know what you think in the Comments section below!

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