Arrested Development Returns for Season 4!

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After seven years in hiatus (read, short sighted cancellation from broadcast televisin), cult classic comedy Arrested Development returns to TV...Sort of.  Arrested Development is now being produced by internet streaming company Netflix as an experiment into producing exclusive content.  The move pushes them further into the territory of cable channels like HBO and Starz, which may be part of the reason for recent strife with Starz last year.  At the time, Starz accounted for 2% of all Netflix streaming content and the loss of Starz content constituted thousands of movies in the Netflix catalog.   It's not clear what effect Netflix's exclusive content will have on their share of viewing eyeballs, but Arrested Development's cult following and quirky humor are sure to pull back some of the viewers lost when Netflix enraged viewers last year when they raised prices and attempted to spin off mail-order DVD rental business into a company called Quikster.

Here's a preview of the new season, which brings back all of the old cast, and a few favorite supporting players.


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