Anonymous Plans Operation GITMO Shutdown #OpGTMO

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While the hacktivist group Anonymous can be attributed with more than a handful of good deeds, the recent Guantanamo protest may appear to be one that has ended a bit less successful than the others. The plans to “shut down Guantanamo” via twitter storm and fax bomb from May 17 to May 19, resulted in #GTMO17, #GTMO18, #GTMO19 and #OpGTMO trending on Twitter globally at various times over the weekend, the effects of the protest, similar to many protests against the prison at Guantanamo Bay, have for the most part, gone unnoticed.

However, several activists dressed in orange jumpsuits and black hoods, were arrested outside of the White House on the 17th when the protest kicked off. It is unclear exactly how many people were arrested but the arrests have been reported as taking place after the protesters were asked to disperse.

Whatever the case, it seems that more people are at least becoming aware of the GITMO issue and are hopeful of some kind of legal conclusion that doesn’t make the U.S. look any worse than it already does. Keep in mind that over 100 prisoners are on day 102 of a hunger strike which has been handled thus far by shoving feeding tubes down the noses of detainees while shackled and restrained. Although small, it seems that Anonymous may be the only organization on earth at the moment that seems to be trying to do something about it.

Previously Reported

In what seems to be the only organization working toward shutting down Guantanamo Bay, well known hacktivists Anonymous have planned to shutdown the prison where approximately 166 prisoners are currently being held. As part of an answer to the 100th day that over 100 prisoners have been on a hunger strike, Anonymous has called on its supporters across the globe to take part in three days of protests. It isn’t clear what exactly the group plans to do to shutdown the prison, but it has been announced that May 17 through May 19 something will occur in the form of “twitterstorms, email bombs and fax bombs”.


"Guantanamo Bay must be closed at once, and the prisoners should be either returned to their home countries or given a fair trial in a federal court. Guantanamo Bay is an ongoing war crime. Anonymous will no longer tolerate this atrocity,” their statement said.

Anonymous has claimed to have been responsible for a number of significant actions including shutting down known pedophile websites, battling white supremacist groups, and Westboro Baptist Church. Anonymous is also said to have participated in Operation Tunisia in support of Arab Spring movements, the Steubenville rape case, and the Sony Playstation hack. Even if Operation GITMO Shutdown only brings about awareness, at least someone has taken it upon themselves to do something. If you consider that the prison has been holding people without trial since 2002, awareness is better than what can be said of most of the action taken by the government thus far.

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